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Like the versions before, the Moto X Style that is also called the Moto X Pure Edition in the United States of America has been designed to run a stock iteration of the Android Operating System.

However, with some few useful or beneficial features added to it. If you have already used some versions of the Moto X family, you will have an idea of exactly what you need to anticipate with the current flagships of Motorola. If you have just made the change to the X Style, however, read on to find out how you can make the most out of this device.

Having the Color Modes Changed

To begin with its display, the device comes with a bright, large and elegant 5.7-inch screen as well as a Quad High Definition resolution. Although the brand made a decision to replace its AMOLED displays that can be found in its previous brands or versions with TFT LCD earlier on in the year, it is still saturated and elegant.

It is true that this color imitation may not be perfect for everyone, changing it is very possible. Also, changing its color modes is very easy. To change these modes, go to Settings menu, go to the display settings, and tap on color mode. This will help you have it altered in different ways you want or need. Changing to a normal color mode will bring out a better and more natural look as well as a better image if that is what you want to achieve.

Use Moto Voice for Custom Key Phrases

When you use the X Style device, you will realize that the Moto Voice feature is always available to allow you dictate voice commands no matter where you are and even when your phone is idle. This feature makes it easy for you to have personalized key phrases set up to trigger this feature. With this, you get to create unique stuff,and you protect your device from being tampered with by others. To create these custom key phrases, you will need to open the Moto app.

After that, go to the Voice, tap on Manage Launch Phrase and then choose to either Improve or Change the Launch Phrase. When this is done, simply follow the instructions on-screen to have your custom phrases recorded. You will need to repeat the process up to three times to have the phrases created. Make sure you speak very well and clearly. Also, make sure you are in a very quiet room.