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You’ve been waiting for months to get your hands on the Nexus 5X smartphone from LG, so now that your dream came true, you’ll want to take full advantage of its new features. You’ll want to know if it was worth replacing your old Nexus 5 or any other Android devices with one of Google’s latest two Nexuses, which come with a fingerprint scanner. In this article, we’ll teach you what to do on a Nexus 5X.

Use Your Fingerprint To Sign Into Your Device

Since we were talking about the new fingerprint scanner, its role is to allow the users to unlock the lockscreen and to authorize online payments. The reader is placed in the back of the plastic back, below the camera and it looks like a recessed circle. To set it up, you will go to Open Settings>Security, then tap on Nexus imprint>Add fingerprint and enter a password or backup PIN, then follow the instructions to scan your finger, and after it’s added, that’s it. The good news is that you’re allowed to add more fingerprints.

Make Payments With Android Pay

Besides locking and unlocking the device, you can use your fingerprint to purchase apps from the Google Store or to make payments at a terminal. To set the Android Pay, you’ll need to find the Android Pay feature on your device, tap on the plus button from the bottom-right corner, then tap on Add a credit or debit card and using the camera, take a picture of your card info, if you don’t want to enter it manually.

Google Now on Tap

This feature will scan the phone’s screen and based on the information it finds, it helps you interact with the Google search. When you’re looking for a movie, the feature will identify the title and will display show times. Now on Tap can be set up by opening the Google app, swiping in from left, then tapping Settings. A next page will appear and you will tap on Now cards and enable Now on Tap. The feature can be used by long pressing the home button.

Manage Permissions

Some applications alerted the users when they needed to access parts of the phone, such as the location or the microphone. This time, the new Marshmallow version allows you to decide which permission you want to deny, and this can be done by going to Settings>Apps, then you’ll tap on any application, then go to the App Info page and tap on Permissions and disable permissions you want.

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