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There is no wow factor in the new LG G3, but it can still be called as a phone that is much ahead of the times.

What’s New?

LG seems to have made a frantic effort to race ahead with many changes. The battery is removable and it now comes with a microSD card slot. The frame is metallic and the interface is enhanced. Actually, all that went wrong in the previous year model has been rectified in the LG G3.

Major Enhancements

QHD screen is one of the major enhancements and makes the screen sharper with a pixel density of 538 ppi. It is great for browsing, watching YouTube and videos and is great to look at. However, this has a bigger drag on the battery.

User Interface 

Previously, it used to be cluttered, but there is a great improvement in the G3. The icons have been redesigned and all the apps have unique color schemes, so that they can be easily recognized, with an improvement in color palette as well. The system is more fluid and mature and navigation is more intuitive. The design is flatter and the look is all new.

The Shell

The shiny plastic shell is gone and the new G3 comes with a metallic shell, offering a premium look and feel. The weight is also less and it comes in cool black, silver as well as gold colors. The battery and the microSD card slot are removable, so that’s going to please a lot of customers.


The rear camera is 13 MP and comes with a new look and interface, along with improved technology. It features a laser auto-focus, offering faster focus for images. This makes it easier to capture the moment and you can produce instant, clear pictures using this technology. Images are sharper and the interface has been scaled down, being both simple and impressive.

In addition, there is a 2.1 MP front camera for selfies and for video calling purposes. The lens has been widened to get more people into the frame. It also comes with gesture recognition features for taking pictures. You just have to hold the hand out in the form of a fist and the self-portrait feature of the G3 begins the timer. The system works well. The flash is a front facing one and helps illuminate faces, so that pictures are better.


It comes with a 3000mAh battery and though it sounds good enough, it is not sufficient for those additional pixels on the display. However, the Snapdragon 801, CPU, can make the phone last for a longer time. The frame rate slows down when not needed and the speed of clocking also reduces. LCD controls are adaptive to the use, so everything works well to make the phone charge last a longer time.


The G3 from LG can be termed as a phablet and comes with great screen, a good camera and improved UI. However, the chassis is rather light and the battery life is not up to the mark.