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The computer and all other similar devices need proper protection to keep them safe from intrusion.

Hackers are never far away from the scene. You may not even know that they have hacked your system until it is too late. Anytime the computer is connected to the Internet; hackers will get the opportunity to try hacking and obtaining information from it, which they can use to support all manner of illegal activities.

Firewall’s Capabilities                        

The firewallcan detect the exact moment some hacker tries to enter your computer without your consent. The proper firewall is capable of not only examining but also identifying the data that is either coming into or going out of the computer. A good firewall will provide your computer with the much-needed protection from prying eyes. The firewall is also effective in stopping thieves as well as hackers from accessing your computer.

Information that Firewall Secures

The firewall protects the computer, laptop, server, and workstation. It can protect the computer from all forms of malicious worms. As long as you are on the Internet, hackers can access all the data in the machine and take it all out. The installation of effective firewalls will prevent this from taking place. Some of the information that could leave the machine without your consent includes the following:

  • Bank details
  • Passwords
  • Personal information

Identify Theft

Identity theft has become one of the modern problems associated with using the computer. To make your computer enjoy better protection against identity theft, you need to install the appropriate firewall protection. Some Internet hackers are capable of stealing credit card information, private files, passwords, tax records, reference numbers, and identification if the computer lacks the appropriate firewall protection.

Limits of Firewall

As effective as the firewall is, it is worth noting that it is limited in what it can do. In this regard, firewall will not protect you or the machine from the following:

  • Most viruses
  • Spam messages
  • Wrongly configured wireless network
  • Malware software installations

For this reason, you should never feel totally safe when online just because your computer enjoys the appropriate firewall protection. Firewall protection does not provide full security. It is but just one of the first lines of defenses that the computer will enjoy. Therefore, the computer still needs more security features to give you full and complete protection. This explains why you must invest in Internet Security Software.

Therefore, install afirewall in your computer today if you expect it to protect the machine from intrusion. Hackers can gain entry to your machine and steal vital information if you have not installed firewall protection. Unprotected computers will be under attack within the initial 15 minutes of connecting to the Internet.