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One of the main issues that all the mobile devices are dealing with is related to the battery life. Today we’re going to talk about Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and how to improve the battery life of this awesome device.


Everyone knows that the bigger the display is, the more power it uses. However, not many know that by setting the brightness manually, you can greatly improve the battery life. To do, go to your device’s Settings->Display and move the slider until you can see clearly. Another good idea to improve the battery life is to set the screen’s timeout time to a shorter interval.

Power Saving Mode

Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes with Power Saving Mode, which will significantly improve the battery life. This feature will disable a few features that are not really necessary so that the device will run better.


We agree that location data is very useful for many applications. However, that doesn’t mean that you will need to keep the GPS enabled all the time, as it is uses a lot of battery.

Night clock

Another way to conserve energy is by enabling the Night Clock. This feature will allow you to see the time, weather and news on the side of the device without having to activate the whole display area. If you want to check information, you will just need to rub or tickle the edge of the display.


The Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes with vibrating feedback when you tap on its capacitive buttons, receive a notifications, type or doing any other stuff. However, these tiny vibrations are also wasting your battery power. To disable them, go to Settings->Sound and Notifications->Vibrations and disable keyboard vibration and vibration feedback.

How do you improve the battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ device?