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Owning a Galaxy S5 is more than a dream come true for many people.

Although some people feel the device has its bad sides, a lot of people who own it do not want to replace it with higher versioned devices, and this is not surprising at all. Sometimes, a lot of users of different Smartphone brand devices realize that the newer devices and the ones they own currently are not different in any way so, they decide to keep those and wait till there are latest releases they consider better for them. If you have been thinking about buying the Galaxy S5, reading this review of some of its features will do you a lot of good.

Manufacturing Quality and Design

The design of the S5 is quite distinct from other models from the past. It has tweaked corners and switched up plastic at the back. This doesn’t mean it stands out from other Samsung devices. So, if you want a Samsung device that stands out from other models, this might not be it for you. If you love or value your health, you will love that the device comes with a dual-LED flash device at the back of the camera lens that is slightly elevated. Also, the speakers are located or situated in the left-hand corner as it always is with Samsung devices.

The S5 supports microSD expansion which means you can increase the storage of the device. With the S5, the device can be found under the removable battery cover. Also, it has waterproof flaps that can be found at the microUSB charger ports. The S5 has a headphone port at the top which is not covered. However, it also has an IR blaster that makes it unique. The device is compact and designed with perfection to stay strong.

Display of the Device

Where the display is concerned, the S5 has a 5.1-inch full high definition Super AMOLED screen with pixel density of 432 ppi. It is tall and quite thin but fit perfectly in the hands that make it easy to use. The S5 AMOLED is simply the best, with clear, saturated shades and high contrasts even though it doesn’t perform very well in clear sunlight due to the technology display that is used.

Battery Performance of the S5

The S5 took the world by surprise when it launched a device that had managed to deal with battery life very well, even without turning on the Ultra Power Saving Mode. This makes the S5 one of the best in the history of Samsung where battery life is concerned.