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According to various reports that were issued online, the LG G4 will be the first LG gizmo to receive the newest Android M upgrade. After which, the rest of the LG handsets will also get the latter upgrade, if you want to see when it will reach the LG G Flex 2, LG G4, LG G3 and LG G Style on carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon then keep on reading as we give you more details down below.

Android M status for LG G Flex 2, LG G4, LG G3 and LG G Stylo

Android Pit gives us the scoop and says that Poland users of the LG G4 device will be the first ones to enjoy the Android M upgrade. We cannot say for sure when exactly will the LG G4 owners from other parts of the world will get their hands on the Android Marshmallow, but we can only hope it will be soon. From the looks of it, LG is looking to see how the users in Poland respond to this upgrade. And if all goes as planned, expect the Android M rollout to reach other LG G4 devices either in January or February. Expect Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T to grab the Android M upgrade and leave the Lollipop one for the LG G4 device far behind. Out with the old, in with the new as they say, right?

T-Mobile informs us that the LG G Stylo as well as the LG G3 devices will be amongst the first ones to receive the Android M upgrade. According to various hearsays, November might be the time for the Android M rollout and that the more recent LG devices, meaning the LG G Flex 2 and the LG G4 will be hit first. Needless to say that the new devices will receive the Android M followed by older models, if we listen to what the word around town is, the LG G2 might not even get the Android M upgrade.

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