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If you are the owner of a device that runs on iOS 9 or iOS 9.1, you’ve come to the right place, because today we’re going to reveal a few tips and tricks that you can use on your mobile device.

Telling Siri To Remember What It Sees On The Screen

As you already know, you can use Siri to set reminders. However, Siri can also remind you about whatever it’s displayed on your device screen. While you have a website or note open, say “Siri, remind me about this” and it will scan the page and add relevant details about it to your Reminders application.

Deleting All The Mails From The Mail Application

The Mail application comes with a new “Trash All” button that will help you delete all the mails that are inside it, all you will need to do is to tap on the “Edit” button and then select “Trash All” to clear the inbox.

Viewing A Website In Desktop Version

You can now view the desktop version of a website when you surf the internet using Safari on your iOS 9. By tapping and holding the “reload” button in the address bar of your Safari, you will see that a new “Request Desktop Site” button will appear, tap on it and the desktop version of that website will load.

Changing The Slow-Mo Speed

Newer variants of iPhones allow you now to record in Slow-Mo mode, it is good to know that you can change the frames per second by going to your device’s Settings->Photos & Camera->Record Slo-Mo.

Enabling Low-Power Mode

If you notice that your battery is running out of juice and there is a high chance that your device will die before you can recharge it, you will probably want to enable the “Low Power Mode” feature. This feature is found in the device’s Settings->Battery and it significantly reduces the power consumption of the device, you can turn on this feature whenever you want, but it is good to know that this feature kicks in and asks you if you want to enable it when the battery of your device goes down at 20% and 10%.