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It is impossible to keep operating with the same software or programs all the time.

Soon, you will need a fresh set of programs to keep your machine running or operating optimally. For this to happen, you will have to download and install new software. The challenge, though, is in downloading and installing new software without introducing all manner of malware into your machine, thus compromising it’s security and your privacy.

Solution Lies with You

You are the biggest weapon in ensuring that your machine does not attract malware when downloading or installing new software. Your behavior during the entire process will create a loophole through which malware enters the machine. With good behavior, you will succeed in making your machine tough for malware to enter. If you are to avoid giving malware the opportunity to enter your machine and cause mayhem, you must stop downloading:

  1. Software from untrustworthy websites
  2. Software from emails
  3. Software from physical media
  4. Software from a pop-up window
  5. Software from another software
  6. Software from illegal file-sharing systems

Avoid Software from Obscure Publishers

More importantly, you need to do plenty of research to avoid introducing malware to your machine. Avoid downloading such software from obscure publishers at all costs. Make sure that the software is from a publisher with asolid reputation within the industry. Read plenty of materials to learn more about the sort of software you need. Visit customer review sites reputable download sites such as Softpedia, FileHippo, and Major Geeks among others.

If you have identified new software for your machine, download it from the actual publisher. Go to the publisher’s website, identify the software, download and install it. Third-party sources or websites rarely have the original software that your machine needs. The actual publisher’s website will offer you a chance to get the most recently updated and cleanest version of the software that your machine requires.

Scan all Downloaded Software

Never install the new software before scanning it for viruses and malware. In fact, you can set up your normal antivirus program to scan the software while it is still downloading. Once the download is complete, set the antivirus program to scan the new software one more time. It never hurts to seek the opinion of a different malware scanner to check whether the report from your normal antivirus program is true.

If you follow the steps above closely, it will not be difficult for you to identify malware early enough before transferring it into your machine while downloading or installing new software. No matter what your antivirus program tells you, always seek a second opinion. Some antivirus programs are known for seeing malware where none exists. Other antivirus programs do not see new malware even where such are in plenty.

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