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Skype is a useful educational – learning or teaching – tool for high school students today.

The voice software app allows users to communicate and talk with each other from any location in the world. The fact that Skype -Skype calls are free makes the tool perfect for the school that lacks financial resources. Skype promotes inter-school and inter-classroom discussions between different countries, cities or states around the world.

Benefits of Skype in Classroom

The benefits of Skype to high school students include the following:

  1. Students can learn multiple disciplines including sports
  2. Students and teachers can interact with fellow students from all over the world
  3. Students have the opportunity to learn through latest technology
  4. Learning through Skype is free
  5. Learning continues despite distance
  6. Students can focus on what they are learning
  7. Encourages true dialogue between students and teachers
  8. Allows students and learning institutions to share learning resources

Promotes Community and Enhances Education

Skype is excellent for not only promoting community but also enhancing education. Through this piece of technology, students can try their hands in videoconferencing. Students will also take part in numerous field trips via Skype without necessarily having to leave the classroom. In fact, the language classroom also provides students with a great environment for using this latest invention in the tech world.

Perfect for After School Hours

If students need extra attention after normal school hours, Skype will provide the best platform for giving them this. Librarians, teachers and tutors can set aside specific hours during the afternoon, in the evening or at night to students who need extra attention. With Skype, students can look forward to “unusual education”. Students can conduct interviews using this piece of technology with some of the mentors or experts they would like to learn from or emulate.

Ideal for Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers, teachers or tutors can use this platform and teach students from any corner of the world without incurring extra expenses or forcing the school to pay for their travel and accommodation. What is more, Skype offers both teachers and parents the perfect platform to share the progress reports concerning specific students. Parents get the chance to see first-hand what their children are doing at school through interaction with teachers.

A school that wants to prepare students for what the 21st Century has to offer should embrace technological advancements such as Skype. Teaching by making use of tools such as Skype would augur well for the students and teachers alike. Students can sign into social media from an early age than ever before. Teaching students using Skype is akin to taking a proactive step in preparing and showing them the best and safest uses of social media.