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Facebook is one of the most used applications on mobile devices that run on either iOS or Android. At the same time, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there with more and more users joining daily. Facebook has over 1.49 billion monthly active users and we’re sure that Mark Zuckerberg never thought that the social network he created will be so popular.

However, if you own an iOS device and you are using it to connect to Facebook via the Facebook application, you’ve probably noticed that the device’s battery is getting wasted pretty fast. It seems that this issue is caused by the application and the developers have finally found a way to fix it. The developers have released a new Facebook version for iOS, which fixes the battery drain issues.

It seems that the battery drain issue was caused by a few bugs and the first one that the developers have found was a “CPU spin” in the network code. This code was actually continuously “asking” the processor the same thing, which caused the Facebook application to use more battery than intended.

At the same time, if you leave the application after playing an audio or video, the application stays open and it uses as many resources as it used to do while playing audio/video files. This is exactly similar to when you close the music application, but you keep listening to music while you surf the internet or do other stuff.

So, it seems that these issues were causing the Facebook application to use so much battery. If you use the Facebook application on your iOS device, we suggest you to update the application right away by opening the App Store and tapping the “Update” button that’s next to the Facebook application.

Are you using the Facebook application on your iOS device?