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A lot of people are wondering if the M9+ device from HTC is a device they can count on for the very best features, specifications and user experience.

Well, it is time to find out. To begin with, the metal ridge design that the M9+ has around the phone’s perimeter makes it very easy for users to hold it well. Although it is not very easy to hold due to its complete metal body, there is no way you will feel worried about the phone falling out or slipping from your hand.

Display Features of the M9+

The power button of the device is on the right side of the device just under the volume rocker. This is a clear enhancement over One series devices that have been made in the past from HTC. Due to the location of the power button, reaching it is better and. However, the feature for double tap to wake is available with the M9+, and there will be no need for you to reach the power button. It comes with a fingerprint scanner feature as well which can be used to lock and unlock the device. This shows that HTC clearly considered the safety of its users before making this device.

The M9+ features a 5.2 inch Super LCD3 along with a Quad High Definition resolution that results in a 565 pixel per inch pixel density. This also means users should anticipate a sharper screen compared to the M9. Some of these features and more have shot the M9+ to become a scare to other brands in the industry. Overall, the screen is clear, bright and perfect for viewing all angles. Additionally, viewing stuff outdoor is simply amazing.

Performance Specs of the M9+

Under the hood, you will find the Octa-core MediaTek MT6795T processor that is clocked at 2.2 GHz and supported by the PowerVR G6200 as well as a 3 GB of RAM. This means, if you love to use your phone every day, you can count on the device to come with fluid and reactive experiences. Yes, it has been designed to multi-task perfectly. There had been times when some slow movements had been noticed by some users when apps were switched back and forth. However, it works perfectly.

Gaming Specs of the M9+

If you love to play games with huge graphics, then you will never leave your M9+ at home even when you go to visit your friends. This is because, with the MediaTek processor and the amazing graphic specifications, you can play any game no matter how high or low its graphics is.