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Emails pile up fast and before you know it, you got thousands of them. Each and every one of them might contain valuable information, thus it’s logical you wish to back it up, if you’re interested in this how to guide, don’t go anywhere.

You can use an email client to have access to Gmail (we recommend the IMAP protocol for this), some people feel more secure if they back up these messages using a local mail client. Gmail Backup is a free program you can use, however given the fact that it hasn’t been upgraded since 2009, you may come across bugs and other errors.

But if you use a local mail client, this will link the mail on your PC with the mail on the Gmail server. This means old and new messages will be downloaded and safely stored.

Here is how this works with Outlook 2013:

  • Tap Ctrl-Alt-S to make the send/receive groups prompts pop up.
  • Choose All Accounts and hit the Edit button.
  • Next you will need to choose Use the custom behavior defined below knob.
  • You will need to right-tap your email in the Folder Options category and then choose Check All Subfolders.
  • You will need to right-click the email address once more and then pick Apply Options to All Checked Subfolders.
  • Choose Download complete items including attachments for subscribed folders right above Folder Options.

And basically you’re done. You can now go to Gmail and carry on with your work. It is advisable that every two weeks or so, you load the local email client and perform this procedure. Heads up: Archived messages in Gmail that do not have a label or are not stored in a folder will not be backed up, so make sure you do this before backing up your email.