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The iPhone 6 brings in one of the most impressive and significant overhauls to the range after the iPhone 4.

Even with the release of the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus, you can still consider opting for the iPhone 6, in case you are interested in a bigger display screen. There are a lot of refinements in the phone, but no complete makeover or rethinking. The result is still the same old, familiar iPhone, so the changes are not too jarring.


This is among the biggest shifts in Apple mobile phones, as all the previous models had only four plus inches displays. The 6S is the beginning of a larger screen. The bigger size is an improvement and will encourage many people to opt for the phone. It is suitable for using with a single hand and also for browsing and playing games.

The display is 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels, and a pixel density of 326 ppi. The contrast ratio has been increased to 1400:1, compared to the 800:1 of the iPhone 4. Viewing angles have been improved as well, with the dual domain pixels.


The phone is larger, slimmer and less angular when compared to the predecessor. It is also lighter and gives a premium feel. The glass on the front is more rounded and is softer in the hand. You need to use a case to protect it from scratches.

Software: the iOS 8

There are a lot of new features in the iOS 8 though it remains the same visually compared to the iOS 7. Some of the additions are the HealthKit and the HomeKit as well as Apple Pay. Two other additions are Continuity along with Handoff, both of which can be useful to users who have invested in the Apple product ecosystem. Continuity will enable the user to pick up a call or text from iMessage on your iPad or your MacBook, whereas Handoff allows users to begin tasks on the phone and then finish it off on the iPad.


The device comes with an 8 MP, iSight Camera at its rear end. It focuses on improving the imaging in the sensor. The camera is quick and is capable of maintaining focus, even when the subject moves. Face detection has also been improved, and it now comes with a continuous autofocus feature, which is useful for shooting videos while you are moving. The video shooting is 1080 pixels at 60 fps, with a slow motion mode with 720 pixels at an amazing 240 fps.


The design is excellent, and the battery power has been enhanced. The display is bigger, and storage versions have been upgraded. The iOS offers an excellent ecosystem for content, games and applications.


It is necessary to make use of a protective cover or case to prevent scuffing of the backpanel.


The iPhone 6 from Apple is a high-end phone with a good design and significant improvements made to important areas, such as battery and display size as well as LTE support.