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If you have searched for Google Finance on Google Play Store, you might have noticed that it is no longer there.

It has disappeared from the Play Store with little fanfare. Google last touched the app in January 2013 before taking it off the list of apps available for Android users to download and install on their devices for a wide variety of financial information. Why did Google saw it fit to remove the finance app?

Neglected App

First, there is no running away from the fact that Google had not given the Finance app as much attention as it should have. This is a clear demonstration of the apathy that Google had towards this app. Moreover, the lack of updates, which is a common occurrence with almost all apps on Google Play Store, also pointed to the fact that Google was not too particularly interested in the success of the Finance app.

Poor Rating

A look at the reviews around the Internet for the Finance app shows that it constantly received marks as low as 3/10. This poor rating informed the decision by Google to not only ignore the app but also ultimately remove it from the Google Play Store and create room for a better alternative. In fact, the app did not have any unique features. Whatever it offered was easily available in several other stock market apps.

Better Alternatives

If you are sad at the unceremonious manner in which Google got rid of the Finance app, then you will probably be happy to notice the apt replacement in Google Play Store. Google Now offers much more than you could ever hope to get from Finance App. A simple swipe on Google Now and you would get all the financial information you need to make a better decision where your stocks are concerned.

No More Easy Acceptance to Play Store

The decision by Google to get rid of Finance App could be because of the disappointment that the tech giant had with it. This could be an indicator that Google is not happy with more apps in Google Play Store. It is much easier to get an app on the Android platform. It is tough for developers to get their apps into App Store on Apple devices. The stringent requirements in addition to a lengthy waiting period are too much for impatient developers.

Therefore, you will have to look for alternative apps to provide you with the financial data needed to make better decisions where investments are concerned. You should never have relied on Google Finance for financial information bearing in mind the neglect that it endured while it yet lived in Google Play Store. Google Now is a good alternative while you look for other financial or stock market apps.

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