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Keeping the computer free of viruses is not as impossible a task as many people believe.

The presence of viruses on your machine can be quite destructive. Viruses will slow the computer down. Viruses will also infect the file system and steal information from your machine. Viruses can be effective weapons that hackers use to steal your identity and other important information. The good news is that you can keep the computer free from viruses.

Common Sense

The biggest weapon you can use against the viruses is your common sense. It pays to take a safety precaution fast. It pays to be cautious instead of inviting all manner of viruses into your computer. For example, when unsure about any attachment that you receive in your email, it is better to delete instead of opening it. Never open attachments from untrustworthy sources. Stop downloading files from sites that look unprofessional in many aspects.

The next measures that you ought to take to keep the computer free of viruses include the following:

  1. Scanning all external storage devices
  2. Not sharing storage devices
  3. Not booting from floppy disks

Unreliable Sites

Internet newsgroups are unreliable sites for downloading any program and installing on your computer. Unheard of websites should never be sources for some of the programs that you need to download and install on your computer. Never download any file you suspect to be unsafe such as screensavers, freeware and games to mention a few. If you must download from the Internet, scan the program before installing or using it.

Update Antivirus Software

Regular updating of the antivirus software is highly advisable. If you have an older antivirus program on your computer, it will not be able to provide you with proper protection. This is because new viruses, worms, and malware enter the market every day. The new variations can slip by the security features that the older antivirus software has. Similarly, it is important to obtain immediate protection instead of waiting until the computer cannot operate normally.

Scanning all Email Attachments

A thorough scanning of all the incoming email attachments is highly recommended. Run all the attachments that you would like to open through an up-to-date malware detector. Do this all the time even when you recognize the name of the person or organization that sent the email attachment. Some malware has entered computers by appearing to be from recognized or known sources, only to mess up the computer later.

Finally, you should install reliable antivirus programs on the computer. The effectiveness of the program in detecting, identifying and eradicating the malware rather than the cost should be the biggest determining factor that you consider. If you take these safety precautions and guidelines, your computer will be free from viruses.

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