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In design, the Z3 Compact has received some of the best reviews to look amazing.

You will always hear most people say, even with those who do not want to agree that the device on a whole is a unique piece. However, it is clear that Sony had its consumers in mind when making the device. This is because it has some unique features apart from its design that makes it stand out. This shows that, for all who are ready to give the device a try, it brings much more to the table than most review sites let out.

For instance, the protection Sony built this device with makes it one of the best in the market currently. Also, holding the Z3 compact in your hand will tell you a different story. It feels stronger and unique than most popular named brands and devices in the market. Also, the front of the device is IP65/68 certified.

Display Features of the Device

In the world of display for the device, it has a 5.2-inch complete high definition IPS LCD screen alongside a ppi of 424. The Z3 is quite taller and thinner than most devices on the market currently. Also, it wraps its screen with bezels that are very small on all sides with more improvement in quality where thedisplay is concerned compared to the Z2 display that we are used to. When you buy a Z3 compact, you should expect a perfectly bright and clear display.

Also, you should expect other enhanced display features like the X-Reality for lively pictures and Super-vivid Mode for images that are even livelier. With the Z3 Compact, Sony outdoes itself by making it easy for users to alter the white balance of their screens which is amazing and makes the device more exciting to use.

The Software Specsof the Z3 Compact

The Z3 compact undoubtedly has quite a number of features. For instance, it operates the current Xperia UI which is fresh and minimal, but more updated. Also, it runs on Android KitKat even though it ships with Android 4.4.4. This makes owning it a delight. Some other notable software specs of the Z3 include its unique focus on multimedia, excellent audio quality, etc. For lovers of gaming, there is a PlayStation 4 integration the Z3 is designed with its PS4 Remove Play feature that allows users to switch between any PS4 games on their device or consoles wirelessly.