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iOS 9.1 is Apple’s first and foremost update to the iOS 9 platform, one that packs a lot of new additions, so, just sit back and wait for the upgrade to reach you as it is an OTA one.

The iOS 9.1 upgrade packs a ton emojis that support Unicode 7.0 as well as Unicode 8, a bunch of features that are made compatible with any future Apple gizmos like the iPad Pro for instance or even the Apple TV. As for the Live Photos element, this has also been improved so that your device can tell when you are just messing around with your phone and not taking the actual photo.

The fact that iOS 9.1 rolls out with support for Unicode 8 means that a bunch of emojis can be now used in messages, there are new sport emojis, weather related ones, emojis which all of you food lovers might enjoy plus there is another fun addition: the use of the middle finger has now been made available.

Besides these neat and fun emojis, the iOS 9.1 upgrade will also include support for the Apple Pencils stylus as well as the Apple Smart Keyboard cover, and the best is yet to come: Siri now listens to voice examples. This means you can actually teach Siri how to recognize your voice. “Based on a look of the iOS 9.1 setup screen, Siri will apparently be able to discern between the voice belonging to an owner of a particular iPhone, and voices belonging to everyone else. While setting up the “Hey Siri” phrase that will activate the virtual assistant hands-free, the screen says that the setup process will ‘help Siri recognize your voice.”

And this is one feature that will definitely come in handy when your phone is not plugged in. With the new upgrade, Siri will actually memorize your voice and it will know when it’s you and not a complete stranger messing around with your iPhone device.