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Today, there are so many different affordable, but classy models in the mobile phone or Smartphone world.

However, there are new models being introduced every single year, and this has made it a must for consumers or users to try their possible to delve into the distinct features of these devices before they decide to make purchases.

Although the products or devices available on the market today are mostly designed to have unique and distinct designs, the differences between them can still be made out where quality and cheap tablets are concerned. However, Asus is a brand name that has the aim and wish to make this disappear.

Design Features of the Device

There are two main parts of the ZenPad S8.0 design that are very clear to see immediately you see the device. The first is how compact and built in the tablet is and how thin it has been designed. It has a thickness of only 6.6 mm and this means something. There are so many people who applaud the brand for making such an effort. Also, it comes designed with a 4:3 ratio display which means that it is quite wider that it will come with a 16:9 ratio. The good news is that, holding it is not as uncomfortable as most critics want to make the world believe. Holding it is so comfortable.

It also comes designed with brushed metallic finished all through the back, bordered by glittery metallic edges that make it look very elegant even as it helps to improve the feeling one gets when it is held. If you do not like your tablet falling from time to time, then you will love this device especially for those who do not like to have cases on their tablets. There is no way the ZenPad S8.0 will slip out of your hands, and this is because of how it has been designed.

To additionally make it easy for you to grip it, the tablet comes designed with a soft rubbery material that borders the whole tablet. Itssmoothoutline and build material selections do not only make it an elegant device, but it also makes it easy to use and very portable. The camera of the deviceis located at the back of the headphone jack on the top. On the left side, however, is a flap designed to allow easy access to the microSD card slot. You will find the power button and volume rocker all on the right side.