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A new section is about to come up on Facebook.

Once it does, the new video section will provide adequate competition to YouTube. The new video section will be available whether you are on Facebook using a computer or through the app on mobile devices. The addition of the new video feature will help users interested in discovering, watching and sharing all manner of clips that are uploaded to Facebook servers.

Video-Friendly Goals

This announcement is in line with Facebook’s desire to make its platform more video-friendly.  With this announcement, some experts believe that Facebook is keen to take the battle to YouTube’s doorstep.  It is worth remembering that YouTube has long dominated the market regarding ad-supported videos. Facebook is not only playing catch-up, but also trying to turn the market to its favor with these new video features.

More Time Users Spend on Facebook

Facebook has one big advantage that is working for it and producing amazing results – the fact that it accounts for close to 20 percent of the total time that people spend on the Internet. Broken down, this means that if everybody were online for 1 hour, they would dedicate 12 minutes on Facebook and divide the rest of the time browsing different websites. The addition of new video features is likely to increase the time people spend on this social media network.

Ad-Friendly User Data

Next, Facebook already boasts of anunimaginable amount of data on its users. What this means is that it can provide advertisers with the information that enables them to create ads targeting particular behavior and trends by users. Consequently, advertisers can look forward to the creation of ads that carry the right message and stand a better chance of attracting the right amount of interest from customers.

High-Quality Content

Thus far, Facebook has provided a platform through which high-quality video content has been published. Advertisers have found the social media network the best for the kind of video ads that they want to use in marketing their products. The new video feature, on the other hand, will be available to a select group of people. This is because Facebook wants to test the feature and see how it works and the results it produces before making it available to the masses.

Whatever happens with the new video feature, what is not in doubt is the fact that Facebook is intent on providing YouTube with ample competition. Facebook wants to use this new feature to attract more creators of ad-based videos for marketing. You can access the new video feature differently depending on the device you are using to access Facebook. If on the Facebook app, it will be at the bottom of the screen. When using a PC, find the feature in the Favorites’ section.