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With Xiaomi’s new 4K smart TV, upgrading the device has never been easier and not only that but they can acquire it for less than $800.

The latter company managed to defeat Huawei and Apple in terms of commercializing handsets, as noted by Canalys. Now, the company is planning on unveiling a 60-inch MiTv that will definitely sell like hotcakes.

CEO, Lei Jun has big plans regarding this new TV and wishes to stir things up a bit when it comes to selling smart TVs. He wishes to unveil a UHD 4K smart TV that will only cost 4,999 yuan (in dollars this means 785 and in pounds 510).

This new 60-inch MiTV will also come out with a simple way to upgrade it, unlike other smart Tvs that come with built-in speakers in the device’s chassis, the processors and the circuit card for the MiTv are located in the speakers. In conclusion, the TV ports are not located in the display but in the speaker, which may be detached as well. This speaker permits you to update the MiTv without having to purchase the new version that is out there, if you’re interested, the speaker can be purchased on its own for 999 yuan (this means 155 in dollars and 100 in pounds).

The display of this TV is provided by LG and with it, this makes it Xiaomi’s 3rd smart TV product. Unfortunately, the phones and TVs that are launched by Xiaomi are not yet accessible to those residing in US, Australia or Europe for that matter, however, other products such as the Mi Headphones and Band can be acquired. So it’s not all that bad.

Note: If you want to get your hands on a MiTV, the former MiTV 3 will be marked down in the upcoming month. So keep your eyes on the prize.