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You can open Google Maps on your PC and obtain directions to a specific destination before sending these to an Android device.

This is because of new features that Google introduced a short while ago that enables communication between desktops and Android devices. For a long time, you could not do this unless with the help of a Google Search intermediary. Fortunately, Google has made the process of sending directions from desktop to Android much easier.

What should you do?

  • Open your desktop browser. Sign into Google Services. Ensure that the Gmail account you use on the desktop browser is the same as the one on your phone.
  • Open Google Maps on the desktop while keying in details of the place that you want to visit, and for which directions are required.
  • While this is happening, check that you have allowed the Android device to accept notifications.
  • A pop-up will appear with a tiny link with the words “Send to device”. Click on the link.

If you have followed these steps properly, a notification will appear on your phone with directions to the place to which you wish to travel. Once this happens, feel free to navigate directly through the status bar on the Maps widget. The other alternative would require tapping the place pop-up, thus opening it in the navigation app on your Android handset. It is worth noting that this would only be possible only with the latest version of Google Maps on the phone.

Increased Convenience

The option of being able to send directions from Google Maps on the desktop to an Android device brings an entirely new level of convenience into your life. It means that you can find directions to any location of your liking while on the computer without having to open the desktop and Android device simultaneously. The new feature has proved popular with users who prefer looking for directions from Google Maps rather than Google Search services.

In fact, the new feature allows users to send directions to multiple devices. Once you select the “Send to device” button, a list of all your devices that are not only available but also fully supported will appear. You simply select the device or devices you wish to send the directions to. After doing this, wait for a notification indicating you have successfully sent the directions have indeed been sent to the designated device.

Life will now be much easier with this new feature from Google. Conducting repeated searches for both desktops and Android devices for the directions to the same location will now be an archaic practice. The time that you wasted conducting repeated searches for directions on desktops and Android devices.