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Gmail comes with some built-in features, but with the help of third-party tools and add-ons, you will make your inbox more productive. In this article, we’ll give you a list of Gmail “helpers” and we’ll tell you what they can do for you.


This add-on will allow you to temporarily clear messages out and they will return later, after setting a certain date. This way, you will turn your messages into individual reminders, and when you’ll write an email at 2 pm, for example, you’ll schedule it to be sent one hour later. The free version of this add-on limits you to ten messages per month, while the paid version offers mobile access and other advantages.


This is a replacer for Gmail’s sidebar ads. Instead of it, you’ll get a social profile of the sender with details about him/her, a photo, current job and a social account, including LinkedIn. Rapportive will scan all emails sent from people who have LinkedIn profiles and will add their information to the right-column advertising area.


With this tool, you will turn your messages into tasks and you will prioritize actions, assigning deadlines and reminders. This way, you will be able to process your messages faster.


Instead of checking your inbox all the time to see if you have new messages, install BatchedInbox and designate set times for checking emails in the morning, or at noon, or later, then shut it off until next time. But while the service is “in action”, it filters your messages by creating a special label or category and only those mails that ineterst you will be shown.

If you’ve entered your email address on many websites and now you’re receiving daily deals and other unimportant messages which fill up your inbox with “spam”, then you’ll need This service is free and its role is to scan your email for subscriptions then create a list with all these messages, to make things easier for you, because this way, you’ll click the Unsubscribe button for each mail and you will not be bothered again.

Find Big Mail

As you know, Gmail offers 15GB of free space which is available across Google’s products. To find emails with big content, install this add-on and it will search through your messages, returning a list of those email that eat too much space.