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Rockstar Games has released yesterday (October 20, 2015) a new trailer for the Grand Theft Online update that has just been released. The new DLC update is called Lowriders and it comes with autobody that’s located in Strawberry and it’s named “Benny’s Original Motor Works”.

This workshop allows you to customize the cars the way you want by adding awesome stuff such as: special sound systems, new wheels, new rims, hydraulics and many more. However, before we tell you more about this upcoming update, take a look at the trailer that Rockstar Games has released.

So, Benny’s Original Motor Works has finally arrived in GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA 5. This update will be released on GTA 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

The patch also includes a few new weapons, Lamar missions, Adversary modes and it will also allow you to purchase a fourth property.

GTA 5: Lowriders DLC patch – Full list of things that you can change/add to your cars

– Engines
– Hydraulics
– Steering Wheels
– Rims
– Gear shift levers
– Horns
– Custom Paint Jobs
– Tires
– Rear window plaques
– Soundsystem
– Plate Holders and Vanity Plates
– Vanity Plates & Plate Holders.

At the same time, the new Lowriders DLC patch comes with many new clothes, accessories, tattoos and more. Also, you will notice that a personal vehicle remote has been added and by using the Player Interaction Menu, you will be able to remotely open your car, hood, doors etc. To make it even better, you will be able to turn on the lights, radio or even the engine of your car remotely. Also, if you have are out of ammo in the middle of nowhere, you can refill your ammo directly from the Player Interaction Menu.

You will also notice three new player actions while using the Player Interaction Menu, such as the Chin Brush, No Way and Chicken.

What are your thoughts about the new GTA 5: Lowriders DLC Patch?