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It is astounding that hacking an Android device is as easy as typing in a long password.

If you look at this closely, you will realize that the latest flaw to be associated with Android could handle the ease with which hacking can now take place. If your Android phone is locked, the only way in would be through a passcode. However, any person who does not have or know the passcode would only need to type a long password to gain entry.

Why the Long Password Works

The long password works mainly because it overloads the computer, thus creating the avenue for anybody to hack into the Android phone and access its home screen. The whole process lasts longer than a few seconds. With adequate patience, the hacker will have access to the home screen and do whatever he likes. The only good news (or bad depending on how you look at it) is that the vulnerability affects devices with the latest version of Android.

How does it work?

First, you have to open the feature marked “Emergency Call” on your Android phone. Next, you would have to type several characters before copying and pasting the text repeatedly. The text will grow into a long string for a short while. Soon, the string will be quite lengthy by as much as 40,960 characters. Once this happens, you would have to open the camera app, thus forcing the phone to place a request for apassword.

When the phone asks you for apassword, simply copy and paste the 40,960-character long text you created previously. Paste the text a few times then wait for the system to crash. Afterwards, you would have to wait for around 5 minutes before being directed to the home screen on the Android device that you were trying to hack. This would come as a shock to most Android users, but it works.

What is the Solution?

The good news is that Google recently released a patch to deal with this vulnerability. However, until all Android phone manufacturers update the devices with the patch, expect them to remain vulnerable. However, if you own a Nexus phone, which is a product of Google, then the patch is already available for use to protect it from such vulnerability. Android users who prefer LG or Samsung and other models, a longer wait for the patch to be available are the only options.

If this news offends you, the acknowledgment by Google regarding this vulnerability should put your heart at ease – although it does not offer much confidence considering the text messages, phone logs, contact information and other vital pieces of data that the hacker will be able to get from your Android device with this simple method.

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