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The developers of WhatsApp have finally re-enabled the Google Drive feature in the Android version of this application.

However, keep in mind that this feature is only available in the latest WhatsApp BETA version that’s available on With other words, the WhatsApp version that’s available on the Google Play Store doesn’t have the Google Drive feature.

WhatsApp: How To Use The Google Drive Feature

Once you install the latest WhatsApp BETA application on your Android device, you will notice that it prompts you to sync the application with a Google account, where the data will be backed up.

You will also notice that the “Back up chats” option has been renamed as “Chat backup”. After you tap on the “Chat backup” option, you will notice that a new screen will open, where you will be able to create a private backup of your voice messages, photos, videos and chat history on the Google Drive.

Google Drive Feature On WhatsApp: Tips and Tricks

First of all, you should know that you can select the frequency of the auto backups to either never, daily, weekly or monthly. Daily seems to be the best way to make sure that you don’t lose any message that was sent to you on WhatsApp.

At the same time, we suggest you to create a new Google email address for backing up your WhatsApp data. This way, you will make sure that the WhatsApp chat history is not wasting too much limited storage space that you have on your existing Google account.

If you’ve just bought a new Android device and you want to set the WhatsApp account on it, we suggest you to manually make a chat backup of the WhatsApp chat history. This way, you will make sure that you don’t lose any new WhatsApp chat messages that you’ve received during the day (since the WhatsApp auto-backup happens everyday at 3AM if it’s set to daily).

Why Would You Save Chat History On The Google Drive?

A lot of people are about storing the chat history on the cloud because they are afraid that some hackers could access their personal data. However, as long as you have a good password and you don’t install any strange applications or malwares on your Android device, you will be fine.

Another reason to save the WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive is that in case you lose your Android device, you will be able to restore the WhatsApp chat history on the new device without any problems by just logging into your Google account.

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