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Have you ever been in an unpleasant situation when you were unable to find a street because you got lost and you needed to ask random people to guide you to your destination? In that moment, you wished you had installed a mapping application on your iOS or Android device which has all the features and solutions to guide you all the way. MapQuest is one of the best free applications and it offers live maps, transit planning, real-time traffic updates, GPS and voice-guided navigation. The application was launched 19 years ago and in 2000 it was bought by America Online, Inc. Company. Currently, there are 42 million multi-platform users, but their number is continuously increasing.

The developers behind MapQuest were busing working on a new mobile application (with Uber and car2go integration) and website for desktop and mobile web. But the changed haven’t stopped here, because the company changed its logo and interface design, which are a proof that MapQuest has matured. Brian McMahon, General Manager of MapQuest, is grateful to all 42 million users who are still loyal to the application and who continued to trust the company.


The users have now an updated with new and improved features such as:

– The users will know the expected time of arrival and they will be able to bookmark their favorite destinations;
– The “Find Places” feature has been improved and the users can easily find locate local businesses from their area;
– “Compare” is a new tool and with it, the users will view multiple modes of transportation and results will be sorted based on estimated time and cost;
– Multi-stop route selection has been optimized;
– Larger map real estate;
– The maps have been redesigned and updated, and now they’re faster and intuitive;
– The Layers functionality has been improved as well;
– Mapbox took care of the new map stack and map styling;
– The platform provides up-to-date information, adjusting to traffic patterns and construction.

Some of the key features are:

– Public transit (train, bus etc.);
– Local weather conditions;
– Access to 24/7 membership roadside assistance directly in the application.