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If you are curious to know how the new generation iPhone 6S stacks up against the upcoming iPhone 7, then you need to keep on reading. Keep in mind that all of the below mentioned specs and features regarding the iPhone 7 are mere suppositions.

The iPhone 6S mirrors the iPhone 6 in terms of looks, which can only mean one thing, the iPhone 7 will sport a totally different allure. We might just see a slimmer chassis as well as bezels.

The word around town is that Apple is planning on integrating a new home button and Touch ID which will be virtual one this time around, but this feature might not roll out with the iPhone 7, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be included in the  the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 6S delivers the Force touch display plus the 3D Touch element, so we can only assume that the same elements will be applied to the iPhone 7. The resolution in the iPhone 7 might also be higher and a QHD display might be part of the package.

Camera wise the iPhone 6S was upgraded to a 12MP back end camera and a 5MP one added in front which can be used for FaceTime. As far as the iPhone 7 is concerned, Apple might just stick to the 12MP back end snapper, however the OIS element might be included as well as the 4K recording element. Happy to hear that.

As far as storage choices, the iPhone 6S has 16, 64 and 128 GB options and so will the iPhone 7. We can expect the latter gizmo to have an A10 processor under the hood, which might be manufactured by Intel and it might just be coupled with 3GB of RAM while the iPhone 6S has an A9 processors and only 2GB of RAM, what are your predictions for the future iPhone 7 device? Share them with us.

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