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In September, Apple unveiled its latest products: the iPhones, the iPad Mini 4, the iPad Pro and, of course, the new operating system. iOS 9 comes installed on these devices and it’s available for the compatible older phones and tablets. But, in this article we’ll talk only about the iPhone 6S and what new features brought the iOS 9.

3DTouch display

The iPhone 6S has the same screen size and resolution as the predecessor model, but Apple used a new type of touchscreen which is able to sense various levels of pressure when the user pressed on the display. There are two new actions called Peek and Pop and they will work on the home screen and in-app. So, if you want to peek into a message, you can force touch, but if you press a bit harder, you will pop into the thread.

Extended Battery Life

All previous iPhones had battery drains and short lives, mostly because Apple has struggled to make their bodies slimmer and used small batteries. But while the iPhone 6S still has a similar battery capacity, its life will be longer thanks to iOS 9’s new Low Power mode.

Transit Maps

The original Maps has a poor POI database and lacked important features such as transit directions. Now, the users will see bus, metro and train directions for cities such as Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto and Washington D.C. and other 300 cities from China, but gradually, will be added more cities across the world.

News app

Newsstand has been replaced with News, which is similar to Flipboard, but prettier. It allows the users to select which website they want to receive news from.

Apple Pay and Wallet

Apple Pay was firstly launched in the UK, in July and now it’s available worldwide. Apple has made other changes such as renaming the Passbook app – Wallet (an all-digital wallet).

Proactive and Siri

Proactive allows iOS 9 to study the user’s habits and will give recommendations based on place, activity etc. As for Siri, it has a new design and contextual reminders, while the search results are more relevant and from more categories.
Other Features

iOS 9 brought a new Notes app, which allows the users to add images and smart links in their text notes; a new Android Migration assistant and the iCloud Drive app.

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