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If you visit the official WhatsApp website, you will come across the latest version of the chat app, regardless of the mobile platform you are using.

However, it is only those using Android devices that can access the latest Google Drive backup feature on their phones.

WhatsApp Google Drive backup feature is available only on the beta versions of the Android chat app, but the current stable version 2.12.304 is without support for this feature. Nonetheless, there is a way you can still get the latest feature on your phone, and if you have been reading our posts, then you won’t find this method strange to you.

Last week, WhatsApp revealed that it will be bringing the new Google Drive backup feature to Android. The company was very clear that this update will be a process, which will take place over the next few months. The feature is available on all latest WhatsApp APKs, but no Google Play Store version has it yet. So, what does it mean for those who already want to try out this new cloud storage feature on WhatsApp?

How to install latest WhatsApp 2.12.306 APK with support for the new Google Drive feature

Now that we know the latest stable version of WhatsApp available via the Play Store does not have the Google Drive feature, it means we have to get the latest WhatsApp APK in order to enable this service. The latest WhatsApp 2.12.306 APK is the latest version that is available for download from the official website of the app.

Since this application is from outside the Play Store, you must make some security changes to your phone before proceeding with the installation. Make sure the box against the “Unknown sources” option is checked before you go ahead and download the APK file from WhatsApp’s website. Remember that WhatsApp only used on themobile account and as such, you can’t have two instances of the same app on one phone. This means that you also have  to remove the currently installed app, but remember to create a backup of your messages before deleting the app, unless you don’t want to pick up your conversations from where you left them.

Once the file is on your phone, locate it and tap on it to start the installation process. The new WhatsApp 2.12.306 APK has some amazing qualities as it eliminates the need of manually hunting for the Google Drive backup settings. Instead, a window with the Google Drive backup settings will pop up, asking you how often you wish to backup your conversations, the Google account you want to back up to as well as whether you want to include videos in your backups or not – very straightforward.

The new WhatsApp Google Drive feature is meant for saving you from the growing troubles of inadequate storage space on Android devices. In addition, you won’t have any problems when it comes to restoring messages to another Android device, just in case you lose your current one.

If you still want to make some changes to the Google Drive feature, you can visit the settings page and then tap on the Chats and calls option where you will be able to see more details about your stored chats. The feature works automatically, but there is room for performing manual backups, just in case you feel like so. There is also room for choosing the network connection on which you want the backups to occur, either Wi-Fi or cellular connections.

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