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Google Play Store is the home of apps that would help you achieve all your health goals.

The apps appearing on the Play Store are not only for entertainment. If you are not interested in the gaming apps but worry about the state of your health, Google Play Store will leave you pleasantly surprised with its wide variety of health and fitness apps. Some of the best health and fitness apps you should consider include:

  1. Calorie Counter

The app contains a database full of more than 3 million different foods. The app also has information regarding 350 different types of exercises that are healthy for you. It allows users to enter their exercises.

  1. Period Tracker

Google Play Store has several trackers for monthly periods.  The user only needs to press the app once at the onset of any of her monthly periods. The app will then provide information regarding the start of the monthly period for the next three months.

  1. WebMD for Android

This app comes with a symptom checker where patients can explain their symptoms and see a list of all the possible health conditions that they might be facing. Based on the conditions, the app will provide the patient with medically reviewed information about them.

  1. Lose It!

It is one of the best apps for losing weight. Users can track the foods and exercises that they consume and take part in respectively. Users also get a daily calorie budget. Users get a customized weight loss plan with this app.

  1. My Tracks

This fitness app is the brainchild of Google. It provides users with not only the best path/route but also elevation, distance and speed for walking, hiking, running or biking. Users are then able to view live data in addition to annotating their path.

  1. RunKeeper

It utilizes the GPS feature on Android devices to enable users keep monitor their performance when walking, biking, hiking, cycling and running. It produces stats on distance, path, calories burned and time taken for each of these activities.


  1. CVS Pharmacy

With this app, patients can refill their prescriptions. The app enables patients to not only manage but also transfer their prescriptions too. Patients can also revisit the history of their prescriptions. It allows users to scan any pill bottle that they want refilled and find a local CVS.

  1. Nike+ Running

This app does operate well without a connected sensor. It uses the GPS feature on your phone and the accelerometer for recording distance in addition to the time and pace for each workout session.

These are not the only health and fitness apps that you will find on Google Play Store. Google Play Store has amazing apps that encourage you to enjoy good health. The apps help you monitor your progress regarding exercises.

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