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WhatsApp Web is standing by

WhatsApp Web is something you need to try if you haven’t already. In order to obtain it, you have to follow a pretty simple procedure. In order to enable it head on to Settings and click WhatsApp Web. Go to where you will need to get the QR code and scan it, use the phone to do this and then start chatting with your friends.

Videos can also be saved!

WhatsApp now permits users to save their most treasured videos. For this you will need to head on to Settings, Chats and Calls and click on Chat Backup. Here you can back up your chats and you can also select the periodicity (daily, monthly etc) you want this to happen by choosing Auto Backup, and if you look down, you can click on the Include Videos prompt so that they will be saved as well.

You can send private messages in a more private manner

You should look for the WhatsApp Chats window and then go to the Broadcast Lists. If you click it, a brand new list of contacts you wish to send out let’s say an invite to a special event will be created, as soon as you include everyone, just message them as you would in a normal chat.

Activate shortcuts

Shortcuts, even in WhatsApp are a life saver. Thus, each time you correspond with a friend you can simply click a shortcut created on your screen. You will have to click&hold on the chat (it can be a single person or a whole group) and a tab will pop up and when you see it, pick Add Conversation Shortcut option. Next, you will see the chat you have selected show up as the person’s profile picture right on your homescreen, only Android users are the lucky ones who can benefit from this feature.

Group chats can be silenced

If there is a certain person in your group chat that annoys you, silence him/ her. Click on the group chat, then tap on a specific name which will show you the group Info option and there is where the Mute option is made available, all you have to do next is select the silence period (minutes, hours or days).

Mark as Unread is a useful reminder

The Mark as unread feature is the perfect tool for those who sometimes forget to respond to messages after reading them, yes, a nasty habit indeed, but it happens, choose a chat and then swipe it to the right side and then the Mark as unread prompt should appear. As soon as you click it, a little blue colored dot will mark the chat, if you wish to unmark it, swipe the chat in the opposite direction and that’s that.