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Until Halo 5 becomes available (27th of October) the fan’s level of excitement is growing day by day, the video post that popped-up online, courtesy of AGB has got fans juiced up. The latter shows 30 minute footage of the Halo 5 game and it reveals the first objective gamers must complete.

At the beginning, gamers will impersonate Spartan Locke and their assignment will be to rescue Dr. Hasley.

Grimbrother One also offered players more insight details regarding the new game. The latter claims that the concept regarding the touring of spaces will be changed completely. According to Grimbrother’s sayings ”These particular chapters will give you a chance to catch a breath, but also to explore, to look, and to listen. More than perhaps any other campaign in Halo history, there is story to be found to those willing to look and listen – whether that be to your squadmates themselves, or perhaps to other characters that are scattered throughout the environment”.

Joshingtonstate is another informer that sheds some light on the rules and systems regarding Halo 5. First of all, players will have to face CSR (short for Competitive Skill Ranking system). This means a set of 10 games must be completed before you are included in a specific rank (Diamond, Onyx, Champion just to mention a few). The purpose behind the CSR feature is to increase competition and allow players that have reached the same skill status to battle one another. Seasons is another new addition which also helps gamers to move up a rank and receive all sorts of prizes.

26th  of October – An event Halo 5 fans can’t miss!

On the 26th of October, a live broadcasting of Halo 5 will be transmitted by 343 Industries. Here, those who are interested can witness an intense Q&A session with the team behind the game as well as other exciting news. But up until then, we’ll leave you with the video.