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The newest version of Google Play Store is now up for grabs, this is version number 5.10.29. The latter upgrade shows all kinds of bug fixes, which are always welcome as well as other new key features that will make users happy. We are referring to Details Page, the fingerprint reader support, the Uninstall Manager functionality, Enterprise apps support and the list doesn’t stop here, so, keep on reading to find out more about this update and make sure you download it.

Users will enjoy the new updated Gmail and Google Play Newsstand with all kinds of Material Design items. Another new thing that is worth noticing is the app symbol for this brand new Play Store, a perfectly flat icon that matches the Material Design’s overall look.

Changes have occurred as far as animations are concerned (once you tap the slide-out drawer menu) and further alterations regarding the iconography. Users will also see that the Whats’s New category is now located on top and it is colored green.

Another visible change has happened to Widget Suggestion icons. The notification icon for the status bar has also been spruced up by Google and let’s not forget the RTL support that been included in this new update of the Play Store.

The newest version of Play Store will roll out gradually, it’s just a matter of days, however don’t panic if its takes more than that. There might be some of you who are not willing to wait that long, so you can go ahead and set-up the APK for the newest version manually.

Know that this new version is also standing by to reach Android 6.0 Marshmallow Developer Preview and ROM ports for that matter. So, if you already downloaded it, feel free to tell us your thoughts on this new version.