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Microsoft developed a new web browser for its new operating system. The Edge was previously known as Project Spartan and it received new features such as marking up and sharing annotated pages, the integration of Cortana, the personal assistant etc. Internet Explorer isn’t gone, so it still comes with the package, while Chrome can be installed from the internet. A while ago, it was many users’ favorite, but currently, it has some issues, so, which one of the enumerated browsers is faster?

All three browsers were tested on a Dell XPS 13 laptop which is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, which costs $1,299, and a second test was performed on a Microsoft Surface 3 with an Intel Atom processor whose price starts at $499.

There were used three of the most reliable browser-based benchmarks, Peacekeeper (Futuremark), Jetstream and Google’s Octane, below, we’ll present you the results and you’ll draw a conclusion from them.


On the Dell XPS 13, the highest score was obtained by Chrome: 3,798, being followed by Edge with 2,444 points and IE scored 2,357.

On the Microsoft Surface 3 we have the same order: Chrome with 1,455, Edge with 819 points and IE with 818 points.


On the Dell XPS 13, the order was changed, so Edge scored higher – 154.8, being followed by Chrome – 135.9, while IE had a mediocre score of 95.3, on Microsoft Surface 3 we obtained the same order, so the scores are 53.4 for Edge, 52.2 for Chrome and 34.1 for IE.

On the Dell XPS 13, IE performed poorly again, having almost half the score of Chrome, meaning that it obtained 12,190 compared to 24,153, while Edge was pretty close to Chrome, scoring 23,664.

Finally, on the Microsoft Surface 3, Edge returned in force with a score of 8,790, being closely followed by Chrome with a score of 8,178, while IE disappointed again with its score of 4,669.