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Google and Apple have been at it for a long time and with the release of their brand new media players, the battle is tougher than ever. The new Apple TV has to face Google’s second generation of Chromecast, which one will score a victory? Read on to discover more about their specs, looks, costs and more.

Even if both media players lack 4K, they support the newest Wi-Fi connectivity, that is

802.11ac, so streaming content will be a flawless operation. The Chromecast 2 widget has 256MB of storage and 512MB of RAM whereas Apple TV has two options when it comes to storage, 32 and 64 GB and 2 GB of RAM.

Design, operating system and UI

The Apple TV is basically designed in a square shape and it can be strategically placed right underneath the TV set while the Chromecast 2 sports a circular shape, a widget you need to plug into a HDMI port to make it work.

Apple’s new media player runs on tvOS and what’s neat about it is that you can easily stack up all sorts of games and applications to it, because Apple also improved its UI, the latter gizmo displays the content in a really neat grid style.

As for the Chromecast 2, the UI is missing as this widget acts a simple viaduct between one’s smartphone and TV set, if you do not have your phone at hand, Chromecast 2 fails to work independently.

Audiovisual content, remote controls & price sticker

Users can get their hands on a variety of films and TV Shows with Apple TV. This is done via iTunes and apps such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, PBS, CNBC and more. If you head on to iOS App Store you can get all kinds of apps and games as well.

Chromecast 2 on the other hands is a different story. This basically streams content from your smartphone. Google Play Store is the place where you can get new movies and TV Shows you wish to see.

As for the remote controls, Chromecast 2 and your mobile device act as the actual remote control and the latter does have the neat Fast Play feature incorporated. When it comes to Apple TV, Siri Remote lays down the law, and the reason it has Siri in the title is because the remote is voice activated.

And now for the costs, in US the Apple TV the 32 GB version retails for $149 whilst the 64GB one is marked at $199. Note: The costs for the latter gizmo have not yet been disclosed in the UK, the Chromecast 2 on the other hand will retail for £30 in the UK, which one will it be then?