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Both applications are owned by Mark Zuckerberg, but one of them was added to the family later, in 2014. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are currently the most used messaging applications, controlling 79 percent of the IM market and even if some said that Zuck will lose interest in WhatsApp and this application will make him regret the fact that he spent $19 billion on it, the reality speaks for itself. Now there are 900 million active users on WhatsApp, having 200 million more than Facebook Messenger. But which application is better?


Facebook Messenger is now a standalone application and it’s free to use, but you will first to create an account on the Facebook site, by entering your email and a password. These credentials will be used to log into you account on Facebook Messenger, which can be installed on devices running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone (10) and BlackBerry OS. Since it’s a free application, you will see lots of adverts, because this is the way the company generates revenue.

WhatsApp has a free trial period of one year, then the users must pay an annual fee of 99 cents in order to keep their accounts. To register t WhatsApp, you will specify your mobile number, then an authentication code is sent via SMS and after it’s entered and the account is verified, the application scans your phone book and when it finds number associated with WhatsApp, it adds them to your list of contacts. Currently, the application is supported by the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, Symbian and Tizen.


The developers behind WhatsApp have improved the user interface, but it still looks outdated and in a desperate need for a complete overhaul. Indeed, this year, the application received a new Material Design and some small changes to the background image and a new button for Calls, but these are minor tweaks.

Facebook Messenger has two characteristic colors: blue on white, and the interface is more intuitive, being split into three sections: the clock symbol is for Chat logs, the head symbol is for Contacts, while the cog symbol is for Settings. Facebook Messenger will show you who’s active on the application or on the actual Facebook website.


Both applications allow their users to send images, videos and audios, make voice calls, but only Facebok Messenger supports also video calls and has a feature for image search, using Bing, the web search engine owned by Microsoft. In addition, WhatsApp allows sharing location and sending contact details t other WhatsApp users.