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WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in the world right now, keeps shaping the way it is delivering its services to the over 900 million people using it.

It is true to say that WhatsApp developers are very unpredictable. While it might at times take them ages to roll out a few fixes and new features, it also takes them one or two updates to roll out tons of features to the chat app at some other times.

Two examples of the features that took WhatsApp into dozens of beta testing programs are WhatsApp calls, which are yet to be availed on all platforms such as Nokia Symbian, and the latest one is Google Drive backup, which is only available on APK versions of this messaging app. However, there is nothing to blame this team for, it already does an excellent job with the rolling out of new features and fixes as well as other small increments that keep us entertained all throughout.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2.12.313 APK?

As mentioned earlier, the latest version of this messenger is WhatsApp 2.12.313 APK, and if you are not new to this site, you already know that APK files are not available in the Google Play Store. Nonetheless, the company has uploaded this new version to its beta page where downloading and installing is free of any charges. Alternatively, the new APK file can also be downloaded from the official APK Mirror website.

With this new version, you will enjoy some new features, among them, a new rich link preview tool that give you a quick glance of what is on a link that you want to share with a friend through the app. But as you all know, this feature has just come in, and it is still available on a beta version, which means it is still half-baked. It still has a long way to go before hitting the heights of Telegram previews.

One weird thing with the latest WhatsApp link previews feature is that it seems to have only been activated from the sender’s side since the recipient cannot view the preview of the link that has been sent to them. However, this is something that shouldn’t take the company a long time to address considering how great this addition is.

Furthermore, this feature only works on regular URLs and not on image links. If this feature finds its way to the latter links, it would be much appreciated. The snippets the feature shares are also very small, so don’t expect to see a more than a few words of the shared link or maybe a few image captions, just in case the link is being shared to Instagram.