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WhatsApp has rolled out the latest v2.12.170.0 for Windows Phone and with it comes a feature that users of this platform have been waiting for in what can easily be termed as “ages.”

WhatsApp has this habit of rolling out updates and new features for Android users first. The second lot to come in is usually iOS, and then later on, less popular platforms such as Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian follow suit by receiving the same updates, which is usually days or even months after the Android update.

The middle finger emoji finally comes to WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Users of Android and iOS received the middle finger emoji on their WhatsApp versions months ago. However, this has not been available for users of Microsoft-based Windows Phone. In the latest version of WhatsApp, there is finally some good news for this group of users as this messaging app finally adds the middle finger emoji to its emoji collection.

There is a growing importance for emojis

Emojis and Stickers have grown their stature in the recent past as more and more people begin falling for them. In essence, social media is the driving force for this dire need for emojis as people feel they express better than words in some instances. The fact that WhatsApp and other messaging apps can go to the extent of including a middle finger emoji in their list of emojis is just a strong indicator of how important these characters have become.

Despite being late, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has finally received this all-important update to its emoji collection, which also includes a bunch of other emojis that were not available in the previous version.

This is not the only addition to the new version of this Facebook-owned messenger, there are also some other minor adjustments and tweaks from here and there. However, it is probably the emoji update that will catch the eyes of many users. The millions who use this application for messaging purposes on Windows Phone will notice some huge improvements in the search functionality of the messenger as well as support for in-app sounds for message notifications.

Even though the latest WhatsApp for Windows Phone does bring some amazing changes to the platform, the smoothness of the app’s performance is not similar to what you currently experience with Android or iOS versions. There is no doubt, that the latest additions will highly be appreciated by users of this platform, but there is still hope that more and more features, as well as performance updates, will come to this platform with the next updates.

In the end, what users of Windows Phone want are to see a WhatsApp application that is on par with its iOS and Android counterparts.