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Just like with all the Note devices from the past, there are some few changes that make them unique.

From the rest of the family of Galaxy and in the Note 5, this has however changed. The Note line of Samsung has always been about three main things, and they are their amazing performance, large screen and their stylus. However, with the Note 5 two of these features are no longer unique. Yes, currently every Android device is big, and almost all of these big phones work quickly and are powerful.

The truth is that the Note 5 is unique. Also, it is beautifully designed and feels unique when used. If you can’t beat them with power and the size, you definitely can try to beat them with design, and this is just what Samsung has achieved with the Note 5 which is working. Yes and the stylus should not be forgotten.

Design of the Note 5

The Note 5 is a lovely merger of glass and metal and looks quite similar to the S6, but can be seen as a more advanced version of the S6. It comes designed with a huge 5.7-inchscreen. However Samsung has lessened the bezels on all its four sides, and this makes it different from the previous Note. This makes the Note 5 easier and more reasonable to have in the hand, which is perfect. The rear is designed for glass, and it has been curved into meet the metal rims on its left and right sides which enhance its grip. The glass is not too slippery to hold like for other devices.

If you want an elegant and humane device, then the Note 5 will not be a disappointment to you. It is square compared to the Apple iPhone device, and although it comes with a fingerprint sensor home bottom just like the iPhone, it is clearly a Galaxy. The processor, however, has not been upgraded when you compare it to the S6. The screen is however very attractive and comes designed with the very same Super AMOLED set-up, but the color balances have been dealt with better.

Storage Specs of the Note 5

It comes with a huge 4 GB of RAM which is one specification that sets it apart from others. If you love to save stuff on your device without having to worry much about external storage, you will just love the Note 5. Also, due to the huge RAM, the device works quickly as well which is a huge plus.