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The Note 4 is a flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer and was released in 2014.

Samsung has already announced the Note 5 along with the S6 Edge and the S6 Edge+, so you might want to consider whether to upgrade from the Note 4 to the latest model. However, the upgrade to the Note 5 is only an incremental one, so it may not be worth upgrading unless you are a hardcore phone enthusiast.

What is the Note 4?

It is a phablet that is one step above the Galaxy S5, in price and size. It is a follow-up to Note 3 and comes with 2K QHD screen, a fast Snapdragon, 805, processor, with a new S Pen. The design has been improved to a premium one in metal. The bundled applications have been cut down, thereby reducing the bloatwarelargely.


It is taller and thicker as well as heavier compared to its predecessor, but not as wide. You don’t need to stretch your fingers too much, and it can be easily used one handed. There is a mode that shrinks the size as well, so it can help those with smaller hands. The screen size remains the same, but it now has an aluminum metallic trim, instead of a plastic one. The device feels good to grip though it doesn’t ooze class.

You can remove the back and use a microSd card, micro SIM card or remove the battery. Also, there is a 16 MP camera, an LED flash along with heart rate sensor at the back. The front camera is 3.7 MP and offers improved quality of selfies. However, it is not waterproof. Fingerprint recognition feature is present, and the sensor is quite responsive. The S Pen is at the bottom.

Screen and Display

The screen comes with 5.7 inches and offers a sharp QHD display of 1400 x 2560. The Super AMOLED technology is used and offers punchy colors, with a pixel density of 515. You can view several apps on one screen, but the battery life is affected due to heavy processing power for the increased resolution.


A 4.4.4 KitKat, Android version along with an overlay of the TouchWiz user interface, powers it. Some tweaks have been made, and much of the usual clutter has been removed. Multi-window allows you to run two applications simultaneously.

Pre-Installed Apps

You can find Google’s Chrome, Google Maps, Play Music, and Gmail along with the rest. Also, there is WatchOn, whereby you can use the device like a remote, as it comes with IR transmitter built it. S Voice is still present, but the Knox application and the S Translator have been eliminated. S Health offers a hub for fitness, and you can store data related to tracking steps and get GPS support for maps to cycling routes or runs. This offers a comprehensive picture of regular activities.


Note 4 offers a great experience and is a large phone, so it continues to remain on the top of the heap in the phablet segment. Though there are many slick and slim phones going around, the Note 4 does have a lot going for it.