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The DROID Turbo units that pertain to Verizon will soon embrace the Android M update according to Motorola’s official statement. Apparently, all that is left to do now is wait and see if Verizon corroborates the latter statement and if DROID Turbo gizmos will indeed receive the upgrade and more importantly when will they receive it?

Verizon Wireless and Motorola have already been discussing this impending upgrade that will soon happen to DROID Turbo devices.

DROID Turbo (model no. XT1254) are the units that are standing by for the software update, Android 6.0 M. The latter device is now operating on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, thus the Android M upgrade is the next logical step in Motorola’s plans. Let us recall the fact that the last upgrade that DROID Turbo was submitted to was back in February of the current year.

Droid Turbo gizmos will most likely receive the Android M upgrade OTA, be on lookout for the upcoming upgrade by performing the following steps:

  • Settings;
  • About Phone and last System Updates.

Motorola is not alone in this as Sony is also intending on launching the Android M upgrade to its devices.

Android 6.0 M brings changes

Users will get to enjoy a different type of control when it comes to Apps Permissions, discover the new Google Now functionality plus the neat Doze element. The latter will definitely be a worthy addition for your device. As for the app drawer, which will also roll out with the Android M upgrade, this will show you some of your most used applications and as always we have saved the best for last: the fingerprint scanner. If your device comes with the latter feature, you can use it for unlocking purposes or to make a purchase as the Android M also comes with support for Google Pay, MasterCard and more.