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If you want to use Twitter as an expert, realize that there is more to it than tweeting.

Using Twitter as an expert does not require any training. In fact, you can open your Twitter account today and begin using it like an experienced pro. Twitter has a number of features that are not only quick but also easy to use. The key to using Twitter like an expert lies in your ability to master these features fast.

Therefore, how should you use Twitter expertly?

  • Importance of Profile Picture and Biography

With a good profile picture, your followers and those you follow will put a face to the name, thus encouraging further engagement. Getting a profile picture that tells the followers and the people you follow something about your interests and passions would be a much better strategy. Take the same approach with your Twitter biography. Make it more interesting as this would help attract more followers to your Twitter handle.

  • Memorable Hashtags

Twitter features the latest trends in the form of hashtags. Check the latest trends, and if you find them attractive, join the bandwagon. However, make sure that your contribution is interesting and relevant. This way, people following the discussion going on with the hashtags will notice what you are saying and follow you. Use the hashtag before any set of words that you want to search on Twitter and your work will be much easier.

  • Email Notification Center

Twitter has desktop tools, online tools, widgets and integrated apps available for your use. With all these tools, keeping track of the discussions going on in Twitter should not be a major problem. If you are unable to access all these tools all the time, set your account up to send these in the form of email notifications. The notifications will inform you each time somebody favorites or retweets your tweet as well as mention you in a different tweet.

Set goals before starting to tweet. Have clear objectives regarding what you want to achieve with the tweet. Identify industry keywords and use them every time you tweet. Develop your hashtags and find a way of making them trend. Creating a follow list in addition to following peers and competitors alike will help you be an expert on Twitter sooner than you imagine. Learning the importance of tweeting at the right time will help your cause remarkably.

Therefore, these are just but a few of the measures that you should take to be an expert in Twitter. Above all, engage with your followers regularly. Learn how to curate, as it is a major skill where content is concerned. Using the advanced search feature on Twitter and going mobile would also enable you to achieve your goals sooner.

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