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Facebook is no longer targeting to be a place where people can share pictures, videos and other articles with their friends.

The company is looking for the best ways in which it can make money out of its Messenger app.It seems the digital assistant M is the key to all answers. As of now, the company is still testing the feature.It is only a small number of people that are currently accessing this feature in the San Francisco Bay Area.

M digital assistant lives inside Facebook Messenger

The new digital assistant, which will be integrated into Facebook Messenger that it works from within this messaging app, can be used to buy stuff just like with the case of Amazon, make restaurant reservations or even book a vacation. Isn’t this amazing?

Facebook Messenger has more than 700 million people who use the app for messaging and calling purposes, and the ultimate goal of the company is to offer this service to this entire user base. However, we are not in any case aware of the specific date that other users outside the San Francisco Bay Area will start using this digital assistant.

Facebook M looks much better than Siri, Cortana and Google Now

Facebook is yet to unveil M to the public but following the tests that commenced in the U.S. sometimes back; this feature already looks much better and more promising than the current digital assistants that include Google Now, Cortana, and Siri.

The major difference here is that while Siri and Google Now make use of computer algorithms to respond to customer queries, Facebook M is equipped with AI that has been trained and is closely monitored by human experts. What this means is that there are a group of Facebook-chosen people that assess the requests sent by users before sending out the responds to them via M.

An example is where a Facebook Messenger user wants to make a restaurant reservation. Once M receives this request, a human will take care of the business and then follow up with a response to the request sent to M. The same can also happen with handling transportation and even calling one’s cable company.

There is no doubt that M brings a different understanding of what digital assistants are. While it is true that Google Now can easily inform you of your upcoming flight by simply scanning your email for such information, unlike M, it will not help you with finding the best flight available and booking it for you. On the other hand, you will find Apple’s Siri integrated deeply within contacts, calendar as well as other iPhone apps, but the story for Facebook M is different as it is only available through the Messenger app, at least for now.

While it is still unclear to tell how exactly Facebook M digital assistant will work out things with humans at the back of thebusiness, what is clear is that it has thereal potential of making lives of the millions of people using Facebook Messenger much easier than before.