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Cable TV Providers are slowly losing ground because more people prefer to stream online content to their TVs and they spend between 35 and 100 dollars on a streaming stick or a set-top box for that. Whichever the choice is, the users just plug these devices into their TV’s HDMI ports and watch their favorite channels such as Netflix, or listen to music, or play games using the remote controls that come with these devices. In this article we’ll talk about two of the most popular media streaming sticks, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Chromecast and we’ll compare their specs and features.

Designs and Remote Controls

These streamers look like memory sticks or mobile internet dongles. The second generation Chromecast doesn’t look like its predecessor, which was black and had a bulge at its base. The new device looks like a disk (Lemonade or Coral colors) which has a HDMI cable which extends from it and it connects to the back of the TV. The little puck has a magnet on its back and it recoils the cable or it will be attracted to any metal part of the TV. Its exact dimensions are 51.9×51.9×13.49mm.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick looks like a typical USB stick with sharp edges, it’s available in black and has a dimply texture, while its dimensions are 84.9×25.0x11.5mm.

Hardware and Performance

The new Chromecast streamer is powered by a Marvell Armada 1500 Mini Plus 88DE3006 processor which is backed by 512 MB of RAM DDR3L and has an internal memory of 256 MB. The Fire TV is powered by a Broadcom Capri 28155, dual-core 2xARM A9 processor which runs up to 1 GHz. It’s backed by VideoCore4 graphics and 1 GB of RAM and the internal memory has a capacity of 8GB.

Google claims that the second generation Chromecast is faster, but since it doesn’t have its own interface, it doesn’t need too much power to function. The Fire TV sticker runs flawlessly and the interface is snappy. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks and it has a feature called Captive Portal which connects to WiFi networks through a web browser. The Chromecast supports Wi-Fi (802.11 ac @ 2.4/5 GHz) bands.

Interface and Content

To use Chromecast, you will need to install applications on your mobile device or laptop, and some of the most popular ones are BT Sport, CastPad, Wuaki.TV, Videostream etc. The Amazon Fire TV Stick has a visual homescreen and there are lots of applications and services you can use, including music applications such as Spotify and TuneIn radio.


The Fire TV stick can be purchased from Amazon’s store at a price of 40 dollars, while the Chromecast is 5 dollars cheaper.