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It seems that Valve has no plans to bring advertisements for commercial products on the Steam PC application. Erik Johnson from Valve has said in an interview for GameSpot that Valve could make some money by selling ad space, but this will most likely bring negative effects to the platform.

Robin Walker from Valve also added that advertisements don’t serve any value to customers. In addition, Walker said that Valve is currently trying to create new tools and functionality in order to help the 125 million users to find games they’re interested in.

Back in September 2014, Valve has released the “Steam Discovery Update”, an update that allows players to filter the games so that they find the ones they want to buy. Walker has confirmed that Valve is still working on new algorithms and processes in order to make the search function even better.

We think that Valve is doing the right thing, as the there are over 6000 games in the Steam library and it is quite hard to find the games that you would really enjoy playing.

Steam Controller

We also remind you that Valve will release its Steam Controller on November 10, 2015. This controller will allow you to play games on Steam even if they were not designed to be played on a controller. This controller will be released at the same time with the Steam Link and other Steam Machines.

Valve already sent a few Steam Controllers to a limited amount of people that have pre-ordered it for quite a while, so if you want to buy this controller we suggest you to look for reviews on YouTube, as it seems that there are already a few of them made by the ones who’ve already got their hands on the controller.

Will you want to try playing PC games using the Steam Controller or will you prefer to stick to the mouse and keyboard?