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Some users might not even know what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is capable of, there are several options that are turned off by default, so why not turn them on? Here are some straightforward and easy tip-offs you should learn about and put them to good use starting today.

Enable power saving mode for the device’s battery

The batter that has been incorporated in the Note 5 doesn’t last too long, so you should activate Power Saver Mode to hold on to the battery’s juice, and if that doesn’t satisfy you hit the Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Mute the noise

Most Samsung devices come with all sorts of buzzing sounds, thus the Note 5 is no exception, if you find these rings/sounds to be disturbing, go to Settings and look for Sound and Notifications. Here you can switch off the buzzing sounds.

How to get your hands on 4K videos

Again by default, Samsung’s snapper shoots videos at 1,080p, but why not go higher and opt for the 4K element instead? This neat feature is tucked away in the snapper’s settings. Note: The HDR as well as the stabilization element will be hard to keep when the 4K element is enabled.

Create a Samsung account

Even if you already own a Google account, having a Samsung one doesn’t hurt, this will make sure that you get the heads-up on Samsung’s recent app upgrades, plus you can benefit from Samsung’s remote phone lock option.

Take photos like a pro

The Galaxy Note 5 can be used to capture amazing shoots, however with the camera modes that are built inside the device, you can expand your options. Play around with the focus, the ISO elements and have fun with all of these key features that will definitely enhance the quality of your photos.

Go easy on your thumbs

The Note 5 is a pretty large gizmo, so your thumbs will do all the heavy work. However, if you head on to Settings, then One Handed Operation and click to activate Reduce Screen Size or One Handed Input, you will see the difference, the former choice will narrow down the screen while the second one will basically reorder the menu and bring your most used apps closer to your thumbs.

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