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Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system and the developers won’t release a new edition again, but instead, they’ll release updates for this one, to improve its performance and stability. The OS was officially launched on July 29 and the ones who were able to upgrade for free were those who bought a new product key to activate Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Windows 10 has two main rivals: Mac OS X and Chrome OS, which come installed on Google’s Chromebooks and Apple’s Macs, respectively, but in this article we’ll present the new features of Windows 10, which will convince you to opt for a device that runs on this OS.


If you thought Siri is great, then Microsoft considers Cortana “world’s first truly personal digital assistant”, because it has extended capabilities, being able to learn your preferences and will set reminders or will remind you to do something. Cortana will have a mind of her own and will act like a robot whose purpose is to help you.

Microsoft Edge

Safari is inefficient in some situations, while the Chrome OS users are worried that Google might steal their data. If these are serious reasons for concern, then Microsoft Edge, the browser that made its debut in Windows 10, and which is integrated with Cortana, won’t disappoint you. It has the habit to study your browsing history and will offer you streamlined content, guessing your next move. The browser is safer, it has a feature called Passport, which adds a layer of authentication, so when you are visiting sites, you’ll know which are secure.

Xbox app

The gamers will be extremely pleased because Microsoft has integrated Xbox with Windows 10, so this feature will allow the users to play games on their TVs and the gameplay recording and streaming will be done in sync with any device that runs on Windows 10.


Apple offers 5GB of free storage on iCloud, Google is more generous, offering 15GB of storage, just like Microsoft, but the Office 365 subscribers will get unlimited storage.


This Microsoft security uses the latest HAL 9000-like software and it allows the users to log into their computers using their face, iris or finger, which is better than using old and simple passwords.


With this feature, the users will easily switch from tablet mode to PC mode and vice versa, depending on how the device is used. We’re referring to 2-in-1 laptops, such as the Surface devices, which can be transformed into laptops.