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Google’s messaging application is called Hangouts and it is used by users on Android, iOS and Web. Currently, Hangouts can sync with your email and can even manage your SMS messages too. It feels like the Google Hangouts will play a big role in the “Project Fi” network once it will roll out more widely.

However, today we’re going to give you a few Tips and Tricks for the Google Hangouts Android version.

Auto Deleting Messages

Keep in mind that Hangouts keeps copies of all messages that you receive on this application. However, this feature can be turned off by tapping on the menu button (the three vertical dots) from the top side of the application and select “Turn history off”. By doing this, all the messages that you receive will be automatically deleted after a certain time.

Sending Messages To Your Circles

Hangouts is integrated with Google+ on web and on mobile, which means that you can send a message to all of the contacts that are in a particular circle. To do this, just open the message tab and tap on the “+” button from the top right side and write the name of the circle where you want to send the message to.

Hiding Sensitive Content

If you open the Hangouts application on a device that runs on Android Lollipop, anyone who gets hold of your mobile device will see snippets of new conversations on the lock screen. However, you can stop this by going to Settings->Sounds & Notifications->App Notifications->Hangouts and toggle the “Sensitive” switch.

Syncing Hangouts With Your Email Address

From now on, you can view Hangout messages in Gmail, likewise regular emails. To do this, open the Gmail from a web browser and click the “More” button that’s located on the left side and you will notice the “Chats” option. By clicking the “Chats” option, you will see a list of your Hangouts conversations in email format.

Settings Hangouts As Your Default SMS Client

You can set the Hangouts application to be your default SMS client on Android. To do this, open the Hangouts application and go to Settings->SMS and tap the top option in order to activate the feature. Keep in mind that a confirmation window will appear on the screen.