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Google Hangouts 5.0 is out and with it comes a bunch of new bug fixes as well as new features and improvements.

The new version is currently available for Android users only, and when compared to the previous v4, this is a true step forward by Google towards making this app a sought-after messenger.

While some may still be unconvinced by the above statement thanks to the near-no-change first appearance of the new Hangouts 5.0, especially with respect to the UI, there are still a number of tweaks and several improvements that are obvious.

Users should be able to notice a new splash screen, support for Google Voice in MMS messaging as well as less crashing instances when using the application. Google has also fixed lots of other things from the previous version, among them the issue of GIFs animations that used to break down in the earlier versions. The top menu of the new app has been fixed. There are no more problems that showed single and multi-account users the account they had used to sign the application.

Hangouts 5.0 is still not perfect

Google has just introduced a new and updated version of its messaging app, which now has over 500 million people using it on an active monthly basis. However, just like any other update or upgrade, the new Hangouts 5.0 is not yet perfect. In fact, there is a serious drawback with the new update where the previous desktop widget is no longer working. However, this should not take the Google team more than a few weeks to solve.

If you have not received the new update just yet, its simple – just search the Google Play Store for the latest version of Hangouts and update right away. If you still can’t access this new v5.0, there is still a way out. The APK file can be downloaded from the official APK Mirror website. However, there are other third-party sites where you can still get this app. But remember to make sure it is a Google-signed Google Hangouts 5.0 APK before you download it for you may end up in huge trouble with respect to malware.

Google Hangouts is a mobile messaging app that can be used to send a photo, video, text and audio messages. The messages can also include contact details, music files, stickers, emoticons as well as GIFs. The app further allows users to connect using face-to-face calls as well as voice calls over the internet.

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